Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle Workshop
Inflammation is complex.  Reducing inflammation in your body requires more than just tweaking your diet.  In this workshop we will uncover the multitude of factors that contribute to inflammation and discover practical strategies and therapies we can apply to help reduce inflammation (and pain) in our bodies.  These strategies include diet, movement, self-care tools, supplements/herbs and mindfulness techniques to sooth and quiet our over active nervous systems.     CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
When:   Saturday November 16th
Where:  Lake City Professional Building
Cost:     $59.00

Mindful Alignment: A Posture Clinic
In this semi-private workshop (4 people per class) we will explore SIMPLE adjustments you can make throughout your day (no need for lying on the floor or using special props) to improve sitting, standing, and walking that will change your posture and build musculoskeletal strength from the inside out immediately through mindful alignment.  We will focus on the three A’sAwareness, Adjust, and Align.  By being more aware of our postural habits and changing how we sit, stand and walk we can enjoy less pain and more freedom of movement! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
When:   Saturday November 23rd
Time     10:am-11:30am
Where: Core Chiropractic and Wellness
Cost:     $49